These Spiritual Sadhus Will Leave You Speechless

India is a Spiritual and a Magical Land. Sadhus are an integral part of this spirituality.

In Hinduism, Sadhu stands for someone who has renounced all earthly possessions and sacrificed material form of life.
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Sadhu, a wondering monk, is someone who has embraced a life of seclusion and spirituality.

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His only pursuit in life is to attain moksha ( liberation) which is the final stage of life or final ashrama according to the vedas (spiritual books of India).

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Sadhus are often found meditating in forests, in caves, in temples and most importantly in Hindu pilgrimages.

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Adorned with rudraksh mala, long hair and tilak Sadhus are a very charismatic and mysterious personality.

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Sadhus often wear saffron colored clothes and tilaka on forehead symbolizing their sanyasa (renunciation).   They are soul-searching individuals who have gathered lot of knowledge through rigorous process of austerity and meditation (dhyan).

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A holy sadhu standing on his head during his morning yoga session beside the river Ganges at Varanasi. Varanasi,the holiest of all pilgrimages and the oldest living city in the world offers a spectacular insight into spirituality and the cycle of birth and death.

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Wandering Saddhu, Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a magnet for spiritual seekers. The city, one of the most important pilgrimage spots in India has immense power to make anyone go deep in the process of self-realization.

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Snake Sect Sadhu, Kumbh Mela, Allahabad. This three month-long bathing festival along the holy Ganges river occurs once every 12 years and witnesses 50 million Hindu devotees performing “puja” (prayers) and washing away their sins in the sub-zero waters.

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Sadhus are not normal men. Some of them possess incredible powers and have established a deep and profound relationship with God.

Maha Amalanand Mudra, meditation of the dead.

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A travel through India especially in Pilgrimage Spots will give us a glimpse of these holy men. They strongly carry the flag of Indian Spirituality, Culture and Values. Some of them are men of profound knowledge and possess unbelievable powers.

Powers with which one can look beyond the material and connect with the spiritual!

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