Street Foods in India

India is a land of food! All of us will agree with that. From spicy hot to sweet delights India has it all on its platter!
Lets’ have a look at some of the street foods.

Hot Masala Tea – Something Indians Can’t live without!

Street Tea

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Soft delicious rotis – Indian Meal is Incomplete without roti! Can be teamed with hot lentil soup (daal) or a plate of spicy veggies!

Street Roti

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Nothing can beat the taste of hot Puris. Served with aloo ki sabji in many parts of India.

Street Puri

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Pappadams are of lot of variety. They are great as snacks and also add crunchiness to meal times.

Street Pappadom

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Any one who knows India knows Pani Puris (also known as golgappa and batasha in some parts of India). Served with chickpeas and hot tangy water they are a complete delight to the eyes and to the mouth too!

Street Panipuri

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Hot milk cooked for hours has a taste of its own. A glass full can really warm you up on winter nights!

Street Milk Man

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Hot Jalebis are delightfully delicious!

Street Jalebi

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Cotton candy is a favorite amongst kids!

Street Cotton Candy

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Indian chat is a great combination of many flavours – hot, sour, sweet and tangy. Yummmy

Street Chat

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Street side beverage bar also known as Mumbai Gola. You get crushed ice with the flavors of your choice.

Street Mumbai Gola

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Bhelpuri is a light snack that can be found in almost every street corner of India. You need to eat it to believe it!

Street Bhelpuri

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Baati Chokha is famous in many parts of India. It is a complete meal in itself. Round balls served hot with chokha and ghee!

Street Bati Chokha

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