About Us

India – a mystical, mysterious and mesmerizing land! Who would not love India?

India is beautifully balancing its different cultures, languages, traditions and ways of life. From spirituality to ethnicity to fashion to human emotions to die hard passions to pure love – India offers everything on its platter!

Thus the idea of IndiaBlah.com. As the name suggests IndiaBlah is just a casual blabber about India and its wide array of shades. To put it simply, IndiaBlah.com is a platform where you and I can just have some chit chat about India. Through visuals/pictures and content we can explore this marvellous land!

Who am I? Well I am someone who simply loves India to its core. I want to portray this love through glimpses of everyday life in India.

What’s the purpose of Indiablah.com? I have tried to capture the true essence of India through visuals and pictures. The purpose of the page is to make people experience the true colours, flavours, textures, smells, sounds and culture of India.

In doing this my basic objective will be to highlight the strong pillars of spirituality, culture, heritage and tradition on which India proudly stands.

If I had one word to describe India I would say – Enticing!

So let’s blah about this enticing land. Let’s IndiaBlah!